What is ETSA?

ETSA is a Community Interest Company comprising Member organisations and Individuals from Industry, Government agencies and military end-users, Academia, Media and other Strategic Partners.  As such, it is owned by the Members and operates for the benefit of the Members and the Modelling, Simulation and Training Communities in general.

ETSA has established itself as “The European Voice” of the MS&T community.
ETSA represents the European training and simulation community.  It provides a non-partisan environment for government bodies, academia, users and suppliers within Europe to network, exchange opportunities, ideas, information and strategies on education, training and simulation technology and methodology.

ETSA undergoes, and co-ordinates, research, development and innovation work to promote and help instigate, improve and extend the widespread use and efficacy of modelling and simulation technologies (including virtual, augmented and mixed reality) and practices for training and other applications throughout the European community.

ETSA organises seminars, workshops, visits and interest groups.  It runs an informative website, publishes regular Members’ Newsletters, and provides Member discounts/benefits at many major training & simulation exhibitions, conferences and events World-wide.

If you have a professional interest in education, training, modelling and simulation in Europe, join Europe’s premier Association.

Provides a means by which different elements of the European training & simulation community, whether suppliers, purchasers, legislators, national associations or users, cooperate to their mutual benefit.

Represents the interests of the European training & simulation industry to European institutions, governments, research funders, users and purchasers.

Provides a means by which all parts of the European training & simulation community exchange non-partisan information and understanding.

Provides a unified voice for the European training & simulation community and cooperates internationally.

Champions interoperability, modelling & simulation standards, codes of practice, best practice and benchmarks, and provides a European perspective.

Improves the capabilities of the European training and simulation community by promoting and assisting with training & simulation educational qualifications, accreditation and through life learning.

Promotes the European industry and its interests, so as to provide the opportunity to expand members’ business.

Provides its members with training & simulation information, opportunities and contacts.

Cooperates with training and simulation events and publications, and organises events for its membership, with cost savings.