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Vangovion Ltd is a specialist Consulting company focussed on maximising the practical benefits and potential of synthetic training solutions and the Live:Synthetic balance.  Technology is making huge advances in terms of processing power, data management and display capabilities; however, these are simply a Means to an End and NOT and End in themselves.  Equipment itself is not Capability – to have genuine utility and value-add the technology must be aligned to customer needs.  

Solutions have no inherent value – they draw their value from the Customer problems they solve.  

Vangovion draws on over 3 decades of experience and expertise, honed instructing and supervising in the high-pressure military fast-jet environment, to bring unique insight and credibility to synthetic training solutions.  Provides first-hand experience of exploiting distributed synthetic training to improve safety, increase effectiveness, in a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way.   

What does Vangovion do?

INSIGHT:  Unique spectrum of practical experience and global network to Analyse customer requirements, aspiration and ambition to refine a challenging yet inspiring Vision.  Start with Why and What – often the most challenging step any organisation has to address.

STRATEGY:   A Vision is not a destination – it is a vector. Vangovion draws on decades of experience of distilling a myriad of challenging and ambiguous requirements to develop a credible, coherent, measurable and achievable Strategy – the How.  

ACTION:   A great plan is nothing more than vapour-ware unless you have the leadership, ambition and enthusiasm to inspire Action.  Vangovion offers crucial coaching from inspiration leaders.

Vangovion is a pioneering Thought Leader, with Keynote presentations and Chairing appointments supporting numerous international conferences, including Military Flying Training, International Fighter, Mission Planning and Electronic Warfare Conferences.  

Vangovion is also a leading consultant on the Government-sponsored Defence Growth Partnership addressing Operational Training Integrating Synthetics (OTIS) and is playing a leading role in the revolutionary industry Alliance Team OTIS.

Sean Bell




Contact:  Sean Bell,  Director

T: (+44) (0) 7984 747719

sean.bell@vangovion.co.uk www.vangovion.co.uk