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Training Systems Engineering(TSE) is a consultancy specialising in the design and

development of complex training systems and research in associated technical domains.

The company name reflects a blend of Training Systems and Systems Engineering, which

describes the core capability TSE. Expanding on this, Systems Thinking is a phrase

widely used to describe how systems interact and influence one another, and in

particular the complexity and dynamics of the real world.  Traditional systems

engineering tends to focus on coherency of requirements and functional decomposition

until all components are identified and understood.  The real world is not always that


Other key words and phrases used to characterise systems thinking are:

•  Treatment of organisations, systems consisting of people

•  Seeing the world in a particular way

•  Services and processes

•  Related circumstances

•  Interventions and (conflicting) assumptions

•  Dynamic situations and influences

All this seems to relate to the challenges of creating a training system, whether it be a

relative simple training classroom, training centre for operators and maintainers or a

very complex military joint/collective, live/virtual/constructive system.

Key TSE competences:

•  Design & Development of complex training systems

•  Systems Approach to Training

•  Systems Engineering

•  Modelling & Simulation

•  Capability Management

•  User Requirements Capture

•  Competency Management Frameworks

•  Architecting & Enterprise Engineering

•  Problem Solving

•  Leadership & Project Management

•  Technical Audits and Reviews

•  Change Management

Dave Parkinson


Dave Parkinson


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dave.parkinson@tseconsultancy.co.uk www.tseconsultancy.co.uk