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SISO Seminar at ITEC 2015

Please click on the titles below to access the presentations from the 2015 event.


Introduction & Welcome           Jean-Louis Igarza

Session 1 - SISO & NMSG:

Introduction to SISO                   Paul Gustavson

NATO M&S Standardization         Wim Huiskamp

Session 2 - Web Technology Applied to M&S:

WebLVC emerging standard      Len Granowetter

Integrated Apps, Web SOA, etc.        Bjorn Moller

MSasaS Standards Landscape   Robert Siegfried

Session 3 - Live and Synthetic Environments:

UCATT; Multinational live                    Sander Cruiming

RIEDP                                              Jean-Louis Gougeat

Enterprise Data Services                          Roy Scrudder

Session 4 - Tutorial on C2SIM:

 C2SIM Interoperability                              Kevin Galvin

 C2SIM Technology                                    Mark Pullen

Session 5 - Successful Uses of SISO Standards:

 GUG 2014                              Jouni Lindqvist / Vit Kasal

 VULCAIN 2014                                  Yannick Guillemer

 SEE 2015                                                    Bjorn Moller