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SISO Seminar at ITEC 2014

Please click on the titles below to access the presentations from the 2014 event.


Introduction & Welcome       Jean-Louis Igarza

SISO Introduction                       Roy Scrudder

Session 1 - HLA:

HLA Introduction                  Jean-Louis Igarza

Present and Future                  Felix Rodriguez

Future of HLA - Vision                  Bjorn Moller

Session 2 - FOM Issues:


RPR FOM                                  Felix Rodriguez

New RPR FOM                      Patrice le Leydour

Vision on Reference FOM             Bjorn Moller

Session 3:

 1.  Service-based Distributed Test Bed                              Robert Siegfried

 2.  Ellipse                                                                        Patrick de Champs

 3.  NOGESI Battle Lab                                        Jose-Ramon Martinez-Salio

 4.  Integrated Warfighter Simulation Environment                 Rob Wittman

 5.  Real-time Air Combat with HLA Evolved               Ragnar Hammerqvist                                                                                               / Jouni Lindqvist

 6.  Improving Training capabilities                                  Patrice le Leydour

 7.  Using BML to Control GUV Fleet                       Thomas Remmersmann

 8.  AXED                                            Hugues Pointfer / Jean-Louis Gougeat

 9.  Standards in KORA                                        Rachid El Abdouni Khayari

10.  GM-VV Recommended Practice                                            Ad van Lier