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Real Visual Group is a software and design company that specialise in interactive 3D graphics - delivering high fidelity simulations and animations for training and marketing applications.


The benefits of virtual training simulations are widely acknowledged. Real Visual Group offers a team of expert developers and 3D technicians that have a wealth of experience in delivering complex simulations. Clients can benefit from:

  Industry knowledge and experience that Real Visual Group has accumulated through working with a number of different defence companies and multinationals

  Being able to focus on their core capabilities and taking confidence in the fact that Real Visual Group has consistently proven that they have the skill set and experience to deliver projects on time and within budget

  Repurposing of existing CAD data to meet multiple requirements – design engineering, training, operations, facilities management and support


Real Visual Group’s focus is on quality, engagement and innovation – while remaining price competitive. The aim is always to deliver very high fidelity work, primarily due to the benefits this has on enhancing training quality and reducing skills fade.

Real Visual Group are the global Preferred Partner Studio to Unity Technologies, and leverage their award winning gaming platform to create their leading edge simulations.

This versatile platform allows Real Visual Group to adapt their applications for a diverse range of platforms including: Mac and PC desktop, iOS and Android devices and WebGL.


- 3D CAD Files

- Mobile devices (iOS/Android/MS Surface)

- Photographs / Video - VR Headsets (Oculus Rift / Vuzix Glasses)

- 2D Scale Plans - Monitor/TV (PC build)

- GIS Environments - 360° Projection Space (Igloo Vision)


Real Visual Group

Plymouth Science Park



PL6 8BX 







+44 (0) 1329 840698

cameron.maconie@realvisualgroup.com www.realvisualgroup.com