ITSA Associations

NTSA provides the training, simulation, related support systems and training services industries a focused, formal organization to represent and promote their business interests in the market place. The Association provides a forum to communicate the full capability and broad characteristics of all of the elements of training systems and services to include associated support services.

Founded in 1988, the Association fosters communication between the training agencies regarding requirements, procurement issues and policies.

Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance offers:

Independent informed advice; Access to a skilled Asia Pacific advice bank and research; Problem scoping and concept development; Innovative tailored solutions; Project facilitation and management; and Training strategies for high risk environments and risk mitigation.

We do this by:

Utilising advanced process modelling, simulation and decision support techniques; Analysing the use of existing assets and capabilities; Analysing and reducing simulation design time; Identifying options for better return on investment (ROI); and Improving product life cycle from process development to outcome

Services include:

Discovery and experimental research: prototype testing, design development and technical scoping; Product and Services Design visual; Government and Industry workshops; Concept scoping and development; Review workshops; Proposal development; Supplier / vendor management; One on one consultations for simulation users, trainers and developers; and Targeted review and feedback.

Simulation Australasia exists to promote the use of simulation for the benefit of providers, practitioners and users in order to increase the use of simulation in achieving organisational goals, for the advancement of Australasia’s economy and society.

Our Mission is to provide a forum for those involved with simulation across Australasia, to allow for discussion and distribution of information, and to further advance the research, development and use of simulation technologies and practices in society, industry, academia and government.

Our Vision is to be the peak association for the simulation community in Australasia and aim to be recognised as such by relevant decision-makers in government, business and education.

KTSA (Korean Training & Simulation Association) is a registered association at DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) for promoting virtual, constructive and live simulation technologies and businesses. KTSA was founded in 2003 and has contributed to Korean M&S communities by hosting M&S related workshops and seminars for about 8 years. KTSA is a non-profit organization, and will work together with Korean M&S communities and International partners, including NTSA, ETSA, SIAA, etc in order to advance the living qualities of mankind by developing M&S technologies
and businesses.