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The European Perspective on Blended Simulation

Report on the ETSA Special Event at I/ITSEC 2018

Modelling and Simulation is a crucial technology for current and future training needs. The challenges of a complex mission environment and the limited availability of Live training opportunities lead to increasing use of simulation as a cost-effective means to achieve mission readiness of our armed forces. However, Live training remains important as it complements Virtual and Constructive simulations.

The European Training and Simulation Association (ETSA – “The European Voice” of the Modelling, Simulation & Training community) invited representatives from several European armed forces to discuss the national vision on the optimal mix of Live, Virtual and Constructive Simulation (i.e. Blended Simulation). The presenters provided an overview of current capabilities and share examples of Blended Simulation approaches that leverage the specific advantages of different approaches. The evolution and mid-term plans will be discussed as well as the partnerships (NATO, EDA, R&D, Industry) that are in place or desired to further develop Blended Simulation capabilities.
The ETSA special event panel session engaged with an audience of about 160 delegates from Europe and beyond on the way ahead towards Blended Simulation and on discuss how to engage with ETSA and leverage its partnership agreements with NTSA, SISO and Industry.

The event was greatly oversubscribed with delegates being refused entry due to reaching room capacity and fear of breaking fire regulations! Since the event, we have received positive feedback from many delighted attendees, including:

``It was probably the best event at this year’s I/ITSEC`` - HU, Finland
``I am pleased with the success of the ETSA Special Event. It is important to us that the voice of Europe is expressed here at I/ITSEC`` - RAdm R, USA
``The success of the event reflects the conference leadership of Wim Huiskamp`` - RW, UK

The presentations and photographs from the event are given below.


Graham McIntyre

ETSA Chairman and CEO


Wim Huiskamp

Chief Scientist Modelling, Simulation and Gaming at TNO & ETSA Director



Lieutenant Colonel Peter van Onzenoort, Head Simulation Section, Netherlands Armed Forces Joint IV Command


Lieutenant Colonel Roberto Ambra, Head of the section Avionics, ITAF HQ


Colonel Orlin Nikolov, BGR-AF, NATO CMDR CoE


Major (Ret), Ulf Jinnestrand, Senior Consultant and Advisor, 4C Strategies


Click on the presenter’s photograph below to view his presentation given at the ETSA Special Event on Wednesday 28th November 2018 @ I/ITSEC

Wim Huiskamp – ETSA (NL) {Speaker’s Bios}

Graham McIntyre – ETSA (UK)

Peter van Onzenoort – NETHERLANDS

Roberto Ambra – ITALY

Orlin Nikolov – BULGARIA

Ulf Jinnestrand – SWEDEN