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HALCYON Training Solutions

Training through partnership and understanding

HALCYON Training Solutions is an independent training consultancy, specialising in Aviation and Defence Training.  We were founded in 2009 by Steve Wilkinson, a globally recognised leader in the Training Solutions field.  Our Customers are Armed Forces, Government Departments and Prime Contractors who require support to plan, prepare, develop and deliver Training Solutions.  We provide advice and services based on broad technical capabilities and deep training domain knowledge.

Steve Wilkinson has unrivalled experience in the identification of a Customer’s true manpower and training requirements and development of appropriate training solutions. Supporting his core competencies, we have an extensive network of consultants and associates who provide both training specialisation and military subject matter expertise.

Working in close, open partnership with our Customers, we are dedicated to providing the most cost effective, innovative and fit for purpose solutions that ensure our Customers’ requirements are met on time, within budget and to the Customer’s total satisfaction.

HALCYON Training Solutions strength lies in its holistic systematic approach to accurately identifying, understanding and quantifying the Customers’ manning and subsequent training requirements.  Through this approach, we can ensure that the final training solutions;

Cover the full range of individual, team and federated training requirements across all domains and disciplines

Respect the Customer’s culture and, where appropriate, military ethos

Are consistent with, but not constrained by, existing training philosophies and policies

Integrate with extant manpower and training systems

Accommodate future developments in technology and operational need

Employ the most appropriate funding mechanisms

Provide the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time

Lead to meeting the Customer’s Operational Requirements and/or maximise their business potential.

Addressing the needs of Customers, end users, procurers and prime contractors alike,
HALCYON Training Solutions offers a portfolio of capabilities that extend across:

Requirements Capture

Manpower Planning

Training Strategy

Training Governance

Training Needs Analysis

Training Solution Architecture

Training Systems Design & Development

Bid & Proposal Support

Customer Negotiations.

Steve Wilkinson

Founder and CEO

HALCYON Training Solutions


Steve Wilkinson


Tel:   +44 (0) 7722 234752


steve.wilkinson@halcyontrainingsolutions.co.uk www.halcyontrainingsolutions.co.uk