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B-Design3D is a world leader in real-time 3D content creation for the Training and Simulation industry.

Our professional services allow T&S system manufacturers a cost effective and effortless way to integrate high quality and customized 3D visual databases in any size and detail into their systems.

Our services include:

* Highly realistic geo-specific urban environments created automatically.

* 3D terrain databases designed and created at any size and resolution.

* Ultra high resolution ground visual databases for ground level simulation – driving, ground forces, recon etc’.

* 3D buildings interiors, floor by floor, for interactive walk-through.

* High fidelity sensor simulation (IR, NVG, SAR).

* Commercial Off-The-Shelf terrain models.

* Airport models including “Level D” modeling.

* 3D models - creation (vehicles, air-crafts, ships etc.) and COTS library


19 Nevo Street

4486200 Kochav Yair,


Tel:  +972 9 749 2330

Fax:  +972 1539 7492 60922

Contact B-Design3D www.b-design3d.com