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Antycip Simulation, a subsidiary of  Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited,is the European leader in the distribution and support of modelling and simulation COTS tools and projection solutions for the training and simulation industry.

Incorporated in 1997, Antycip Simulation is recognised as the expert in the delivery of independent modelling and simulation COTS software tools, hardware toolkits and simulation projection solutions.

With over 10 years of presence in training, simulation, visualisation and virtual reality, Antycip has regional offices with commercial and engineering support in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Spain.

Antycip’s core competencies include:

Antycip Simulation is proud to distribute, represent and support the products from MÄK Technologies, DiSTI, Boston Dynamics, Bionatics, CMLabs, Kynogon, HarrisImageLinks®, Scalable Networks Technologies, TerraSim, TrianGraphics, OKTAL, Polysim, RTDynamics, MultiGen-Paradigm, ART, 3DPerception, projectiondesign and Christie Digital throughout Europe.