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ADIS and ETSA Memorandum of Agreement signed on 8th July 2015

at SimDef 2015 in Versailles, France

Taking the opportunity of the annual French conference on simulation, Simdef 2015, in Versailles, ETSA has signed a cooperation agreement with the ADIS (Armed forces, Academia, DGA, Industry for Simulation ) group.    The agreement was signed by Graham McIntyre, Chairman of ETSA, Henri Buenavida, Chairman of ADIS and Jean-Louis Igarza, Chairman of “ Les amis d’ADIS “.  

The ADIS Group is a French corporate organization gathering the Armed forces, Academia, DGA (the MoD Procurement Agency) and Defense Industry in order to promote, explain and facilitate the use of simulation for the benefit of the French Defense Community.   For more details on ADIS, visit:  http://simdef-adis.fr/

“Les Amis d’ADIS” is the not-for-profit organization in charge of supporting ADIS for its external relationships.

Under the agreement, ADIS and ETSA will work with each other, to develop a more formal relationship that is dynamic and iterative in nature, thence to enhance training and simulation activities for the benefit of industry and government in the European Union.

ADIS will become a prominent member of ETSA and, like other Members will take advantage of preferential rates negotiated on their behalf.  ADIS will be the preferred interface between ETSA and the French MoD.  ETSA will be ADIS’s preferred channel in any discussion with ITEC  and I/ITSEC / NTSA.

ADIS will support ETSA for the events that ETSA organizes or supports. In particular, ADIS will provide speakers and panellists for conferences, seminars, etc.  In addition, ADIS will promote ETSA events in the French defence community.  

While ADIS members will benefit from the ADIS’s Membership of ETSA, ADIS will also encourage its members to become registered members of ETSA.

ADIS Memorandum of Agreement Signed

Graham McIntyre, ETSA Chairman, signing the Agreement

Henri Buenavida, ADIS Chairman, signing the Agreement